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Psychic Dreaming, $110

Sunday, November 13, 10:00 to 4:00
Rising Phoenix in Manassas, Virginia

Your dreams are regularly giving you insights and guidance for your life.  Many people have tapped the treasure trove of wisdom in their dreams for creative ideas, problem-solving, communicating with spirits and guides—and you can too!  This is a beginning class to get you started with remembering and understanding your dreams.   Bring lunch & 2 dreams or dream fragments to class.

  • What is a dream?
  • Types & benefits of dreams
  • Tips for remembering dreams
  • Easy, fun interpretation techniques
  • Learn how to increase psychic dreams

Materials include: Hypnosis MP3 Recording, “Ask Your Dreams a Question” and lots of handouts.

Instructor:  Karen Fox is a hypnotherapist and psychic consultant.  She has over 35 years of experience teaching dream classes and leading dream groups.

Register by November 11, 2016


Hypnosis to Increase Your Intuition, $125

Sunday, December 11, 10:00 to 5:00
Rising Phoenix in Manassas, Virginia
Quiet your mind so you can hear your inner voice, your inner wisdom.  During the class, you will experience several hypnosis sessions to clear blocks to your psychic sense, and open and expand your intuitive abilities.  Learn a self-hypnosis protocol to enter into a light trance so you can better access your intuition—to assist you with your life.Included:  MP3 hypnosis recording emailed after class, Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities.

Please bring your lunch.

Karen Fox, Ph.D., is a psychic consultant and educator and draws upon an extensive background in curriculum development, hypnotherapy, dreamwork, bodywork, psychotherapy, and transpersonal studies.

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