• Individual Classes

    Individual Classes

    You can take any class that interests you, even if you’re not in one of our certification programs. Expand your horizons by learning to meditate, meeting your spirit guides, or mastering fundamental ...

Everyone is psychic.

Most people don’t know how to unlock that skill and put it to work in their lives.

Call it intuition, or having a hunch, or gut instinct… it’s part of being human.  The Aspen Program provides a variety of exciting, in-person classes that connect you with that untapped source of power.

That connection can help you to enrich your personal relationships, turbocharge your career, and build the life of your dreams.

Whether you’re interested in a single class or looking for certification in a specific area, you’ll find the psychic development resources you need in the Aspen Program.  Discover our classes and Explore Your Potential!


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